Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Break 2013

Fall Break 2013

I just love my family and time with them is like water to my soul.  Since fall break overlapped with OU/Texas weekend we just added a few days to our Dallas trip.  We headed to Dallas on Wednesday night after Brian got home from work and came home Sunday evening.  We had fun slumber parties, swimming in the hotel pool, zoo trips and time with family and friends.  It was a fun weekend and a much needed break in a full schedule. 
 A few favorites from our trip...
-the kids singing their hearts out (off key) while listening to Ella's iPod
-Freckle ( most would call it) in the pool
-listening to Ella laugh...oh it's amazing to get her laughing
-Brian getting TERRIFIED in the "snakeaterium" of the king cobra
-watching a bed full of kids cuddle in the morning
-trying to keep up with Halle....she is fast!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Cynthia Circle Miracle

I can't quite find the time to blog right now, but plan to come back to it.  The whole reason I blog is to keep a log of stories/pictures of our full life.  Today we had an event happen that I don't want to forget for so many reasons...
We didn't have school today so we had an amazing peaceful morning at home.  Watching cartoons, making monkey bread, worshipping together, sharing what God is speaking over us, bubble baths, and counting down the minutes until we get to play with cousins.  I finally tell the boys they can head to Kourtney's house and I will follow after I change clothes.  Halle's playing in the living room on her play toy and Ella and I head to my room to change clothes.  I start to change clothes and just sense I need to check on where Halle is, only a few minutes have passed though.  Ella comes back in as I am getting my clothes on says "I don't know where she is..."  I immediately assume the boys have left the garage door open and she's gotten out of the house.  I go running through the house and see the door to the garage open and the garage open.  Halle is no where in sight.  
I come out of the garage yelling for Halle and turn to Judi's house and see Belinda Armstrong and Judi standing in their driveway holding Halle and crying.  I immediately see that Belinda's car is stopped in the middle of the street, Judi's car is backed up to the edge of the garage...The only real explanation is that God is with Halle.  He had His hand on her and truly had a hedge of protection around her. 
Halle had left my house and headed straight for Judi's house.  When she heard the garage door open she turned to head into the garage to see JuJu.  Belinda was backing out and saw something moving on the ground and realized it was a baby.  She stopped her car and got out waving her hands to get Judi's attention.  Judi couldn't see anything and thought she would just back out to talk to her until Belinda started yelling and waving for her to stop!  
We've had many conversations with our kids about closing doors today.  Haynes confessed to being the one who left the door open and has been heartbroken.  I felt such gratitude to be able to speak to his heart tonight and tell him that he is forgiven.  We love him and know how much he loves Halle and would never want something to happen to her.  
So many things I am thankful for tonight...sweet neighbors who are aware of our kids, God's grace and protection over Halle, Halle's smart brain that new where JuJu's house was and how to get there, Ella's quick response of not knowing where Halle was, and so much more...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Gingerbread Thanksgiving

This might be Haynes' favorite part of his Thanksgiving feast. I love visiting Gingerbread with Haynes. He literally doesn't want to leave my good for a mommy's heart!

Ella had a fun feast too! She has so many sweet girlfriends in her class this year. I'm so thankful for all those sweet girls!!
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Haynes Cole

This kid makes me laugh...we were driving to my parents for Thanksgiving. I get to make Judi's green bean casserole for our family. I have to make 2 because people like it do much...Haynes on the other hand thought he was going to throw up because of the smell...I'm glad I don't take things too personally:-)
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dessert competition

We celebrate Thanksgiving with my family the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We have a new fun tradition of a dessert contest and all of my kids love to participate.

Ella decided to make heart shaped cake pops. We made some with raspberry filling and then some with chocolate filling. They are adorable...just like her:-)

Port decided to make pilgrim hats out of cookies and candy. I think he enjoyed rating along the way the most.

Haynes won last year with a cute turkey treat. This year he made some pretzel candies that might be my favorite. I hope he is as successful as he was last year!!
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Friday, November 16, 2012

First walking injury

I picked Halle up from Mom's Prayer and one of the sitters apologized because she had some scratches. She apparently stood up by herself on the concrete and tried to take a step. I told her we were thrilled to have walking injuries...we celebrate everything!😉
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Halle beth

We brought an "oldie but a goodie" from our Greystone house. All of our kids have loved this toy Grandad and JuJu got for Port when he was a baby. Now it's Halle's turn....and we can't hardly keep the older three off of it for her to play on! This is after the big kids have gone to bed, otherwise there would be kids hanging from all parts. Our little one is moving all over and we are believing for a walker by Thanksgiving!
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